Frequently Asked Questions

What is Connecting Knowledge? What does it do?
Connecting Knowledge is a teacher-led network of educators from across the country whose goal is to strengthen their stand as teachers and work out solutions to face the challenges faced by public education. The network organizes summits and online conferences to share expertise, concerns, challenges, and victories with professionals in 41 centers countrywide.

What does the Lemann Foundation do and why does it support the network?
Founded in 2002 by Jorge Paulo Lemann, the Lemann Foundation is a nonprofit family organization who collaborates with programs focused on building a more just, inclusive, thriving country. The Foundation supports initiatives of great impact to ensure that every student learns. The Lemann Foundation believes that high-quality public education can only be delivered by teachers who feel valued, and the Connecting Knowledge Network does exactly that.

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Who can join the Connecting Knowledge Network?
Any person who works with public education at its different levels (teachers, pedagogical coordinators, school principals, and professionals at the Secretariat of Education)

How do the Connecting Knowledge Centers work?
Each Connecting Knowledge Center consists of members and one coordinator, who is in charge of managing the group’s regular activities. In spite of the existence of a coordination role, every member has the same value, the same right to speak up and the same responsibilities in keeping the Center active.

Each Center is free to organize their own schedule of meetings, summits, and events based on the needs of their members and different Centers exchange
experiences and opportunities with one another through messaging groups.

How does the Network help teachers and schools?
Oftentimes, teachers can feel isolated, have few opportunities to reflect upon classroom best practices and how to mitigate their concerns, and do not receive enough recognition for the difference they make in their students’ lives.

By connecting teachers who live different realities, but share the same dream of improving education in the country, the Network ensures that its members are in contact with like-minded peers who share their goals.

Do teachers receive a certificate for attending meetings at Connecting Knowledge Centers?
No. Attendance at regular meetings does not grant certificates, but they provide great opportunities to meet peers and share experiences.

Is there any compensation for those who join the Connecting Knowledge Network?
No one receives compensation for joining the network.

How can I join a Connecting Knowledge Center?
Click here to send us a message with your personal information, including your occupation (position/age group that you teach/field of knowledge) and a statement of why you would like to join the network.

I could not find a Center in my city/town. What can I do?
Click here to send us a message with your personal information, including your occupation and a statement of why you believe that having a Connecting Knowledge Center would be beneficial to education in your city/town.

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